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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed the media landscape has undergone a significant transformation, our Director Fran Lawrence discusses how to manage these changes. Less than two decades ago, there were distinct channels for media coverage. Print was print, TV was TV, radio was radio, and rarely did any of them cross over. Today, media organisations work across multiple platforms. They promote, publish and seek stories across Twitter and Facebook; they use audio, video and animated infographics to support features; they actively encourage the submission of news tips, photographs and leads from the general public via websites and

Although long the runner-up to Africa in terms of attracting foreign investment from Australian resources companies, Associate Director Michael Cairnduff explores how some of the more favourable jurisdictions in Latin America are now coming to the fore. Delegates at the recent Latin America Downunder Conference in Perth were treated to the best snapshot of the building opportunity that exists on that diverse continent, in both the established resources destinations of Chile and Argentina and, perhaps more excitingly, some less explored countries like the Caribbean. The Australian Government has historically had strong representation in the region and has frameworks in place to support