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When it comes to political upheaval, it's a good idea to play the field, writes Government Relations consultant Renee Wilkinson. The saying that “a week is a long time in politics” (first attributed to British Labour PM Harold Wilson) holds true in the lead up to both the State and Federal elections. Anything can change in a week – from external events to party leaders. Cast your mind back to mid-2001, just before the Federal election. Kim Beazley was favoured to beat John Howard – that is until external events changed the mood of the Australian voters. In August, the government refused to allow

Shareholders and the way companies communicate with them are a curious juxtaposition, Andrew Rowell Director of Investor Relations discusses what needs to bring shareholder engagement up-to-date. Although shareholders are happy to log-on to their online broking portal to trade contracts for difference, renounceable rights issues, options and shares, when it comes to information from the company, things take a large step back into the 19th century. The law currently provides that all companies must give notice of upcoming meetings – including annual general meetings and other general meetings – to shareholders personally or by sending notice by post, unless an individual shareholder elects

Following our recent examination of Labor’s party branding, this week it is the turn of the Liberal Party of Australia. Jamie Wilkinson considers how the Liberals present themselves to the world in terms of branding and messaging. Cannings Purple Director of Design and Digital Jamie Wilkinson is a former BBC broadcaster and an expert in digital and social media content and management. Email Jamie.

Over the coming weeks, we will be investigating how political branding has changed over the last five decades for the major political parties. Jamie Wilkinson starts with a look at The Australian Labor Party. Click play to watch the full video below.  Cannings Purple Director of Design and Digital Jamie Wilkinson is a former BBC broadcaster and an expert in digital and social media content and management. Email Jamie.

With the down-turn in the resources sector and other parts of the economy, many businesses are looking to pick up work in the famously steady government sector. However, signing contracts with Government is often not as easy as it sounds. Cannings Purple Associate Director Astrid Serventy shares some top tips for doing business with government. 1. Know who is who in the zoo A lot of focus is put on which Minister holds a particular portfolio, and businesses spend significant resources building and maintaining relationships with Ministers and staff in their offices. Such relationships can be useful, especially if you are interested in

It’s that time of year again when Diggers & Dealers is just on the horizon, so Art Director Cameron Jones has put together of a helpful checklist to ensure you're prepared.   Time to begin scratching your head and working out what needs to be created to make your company’s mark at the big event. Do you do something similar to last year? Do you just update the numbers and the maps? Order some new pens? Or do you try something different? Your booth For any exhibitor, the booth is the lynchpin of your marketing strategy at Diggers & Dealers. It’s the physical address for

Last night (31 May 2016), Cannings Purple’s work on the #heartofgold campaign was recognised at the COMM PRIX 2016 Awards in Toronto, Canada. We’ve said it many times, our priority is helping clients meet their strategic objectives rather than winning awards. But it’s always nice to receive recognition for a job well done. The #heartofgold campaign was a public awareness initiative on behalf of the Gold Royalties Response Group (GRRG). It highlighted the social and economic benefits of Western Australia’s gold miners, and successfully stopped an increase in the gold royalty which would have damaged the industry. COMM PRIX 2016 is a global