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Speaking to the grandchildren of the Baby Boomers — the nebulous group known as Gen Z  — can drive marketers and communications teams to tears. Associate Director Ruth Callaghan discusses what happens now as Gen Y finally gets a haircut and a real job, and the emerging demographic of Gen Z is picks up pace. They are one of the biggest demographics in the world, born at a time of immense social change, and will be the most educated population in history. Born after 1995, the group is estimated globally to have 2 billion members, with the oldest just 21 and the youngest

User experience is not just a design consideration – it can be the measure of your success, writes Cannings Purple Senior Graphic Designer Adam Elovalis. We live in a world in which even the smallest tweak to a user interface, from Apple’s new design for its Music app, to the way a brand communicates on social media, can create millions of online shares and virtual column inches. User experience (UX) done well can create reputational kudos. Done badly, it can frustrate and anger your customers and clients. What is User Experience? User experience is any method by which a customer or prospective customer interacts with your

Regardless of the industry you work or invest in, there are always a number of investor conferences throughout the year where you can get the latest information and network to your heart’s content, Cannings Purple Director Andre Rowell discusses how to choose the one for you. For some industries like mining, the sheer number of conferences is huge and offers a conundrum – which ones to attend and which ones to forgo. For both corporates and investors alike, the opportunity for one key presentation or meeting may change your fortunes. Many a company and investor can relate to the one chance opportunity

Creativity is vital to the success of businesses, says Senior Graphic Designer Adam Elovalis, and it belongs to the many, not the few. It used to be true that creativity was confined to designers, copywriters, art directors and videographers. Businesses would hire a creative agency because they were creative and you were not. However, creativity is never siloed within the few, and has increasingly become acknowledged as vital to the success of businesses competing for clients in our new economy of innovation. Working in a creative field is no different from any other. It involves identifying challenges (in our case, visual communication problems) and solving them.  “Creatives”

User experience is about being curious, asking a lot of questions and challenging assumptions. Senior Designer Adam Elovalis says asking yourself these 5 things will help you identify how better to improve your user experience. 1. Have I Got Quantitative Data To Backup And Challenge Assumptions? This is absolutely crucial. To avoid making incorrect assumptions, real data is needed to detail how people use your site. Services like Google Analytics are very useful in tracking the behaviours of your users and finding key demographics. It’s also a good idea to have social media monitoring to track mentions of your brand; hard evidence can