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The social licence to operate is the most important 'permit' your project can secure, writes Richard Harris — but is the hardest to gain and easiest to lose. Getting a permit to build and operate a project – be it a mine, gas well, industrial plant or even a wind farm – is not just about submitting a completed form to the regulator or local council and expecting it to be ticked off. It is so much more than just complying with environmental rules and planning guidelines. Regulators and governments – at the local, State and national level – now require that the

As we creep closer to the State election, Associate Director Michael Cairnduff dissects the activities of the major parties in WA . All three major parties in WA have been active of late – the Liberals sorted out their internal squabble and let Premier Colin Barnett get back to doing what he does best, remaining steadfast in his direction for the State; the Nationals changed jockeys and launched a new revenue policy which has predictably created a war with the State’s two major iron ore producers; and the Labor leadership team has been busy trying to capitalise on their buoyancy in

Visual tools matter more than ever in public relations. Cannings Purple's Art Director Cameron Jones explains why. The days of firing off random press releases to your Outlook contacts are over. Methods of distributing information have changed dramatically over the past five years, as has how stakeholders absorb and interact with information. Modern viewers want to get to the point of the message quickly. Using strong visuals are a great shortcut to get the headline across. Content with relevant imagery gets 94% more engagement so embracing visuals is well worth your while.   Infographics And Data Visualisation I’ve heard it said that data visualisation and infographics are just