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In a series of missteps doomed to be used in PR lectures as a cautionary tale for ever more, United Airlines made an almighty hash of a bad situation. Ruth Callaghan explains what went wrong.    What’s worse than upsetting a plane load of customers? Upsetting 200 million potential customers in one go. That’s the situation United Airlines finds itself in right now, after a video went viral of a 69-year-old doctor, forcibly ripped from his seat by black-clad security and dragged with a bloodied lip down the aisle of the plane. A call for four volunteers to leave the overbooked flight had failed

Art Director Cameron Jones took some time out to attend the Emergence Festival in Margaret River. It’s an event which attracts creative professionals from around the world, keen on exploring how to better make use of creativity in their work and lives. The organisers also used some of Cameron’s illustrations throughout the event, which are included below. What is Emergence? It’s a conference that really doesn't have too many comparisons. Sitting somewhere between a holiday, a marathon of TEDx talks, a festival and a wine tour, it is set among some of the most welcoming and picturesque wineries, breweries and cafés the Margaret River region has to offer. Each year the conference