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Dependency on technology has resulted in an increased risk of cyber-attacks. Sarah-Jane Aston looks at the plans you need to have in place under the new mandatory reporting laws for when – not if – the attack comes.  The recent Wannacry global attack that affected at least 150 countries and more than 200,000 computers is an example of how much of an impact a data breach can have on business. It saw computers in organisations that ranged from hospitals to banks to corporates encrypted by a modern-day highway robbery tactic known as ransomware: Pay up in bitcoin or your data gets it. Beyond

At the beginning of May, a shake up of the WA public sector was announced, Director Astrid Serventy discusses the details provided by the McGowan Government on who will be leading the new departments. The new agency heads will be instructed to deliver a 20 per cent reduction in the 521-member Senior Executive Service, the State's most senior bureaucrats. The move is in line with the McGowan Government’s commitment to deliver a 40 per cent reduction in government departments. Western Australia’s 41 Government departments will be reduced to 25 by July this year.  See the list of amalgamated departments here. Cannings Purple will provide updates on public

Director of Design and Digital, Jamie Wilkinson considers 4 reasons professional services businesses should be using video.     1. The statistics. Cisco (the IT and networking company) estimate that 80% of the internet will be video by 2020. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has said his challenge in the coming 5 years is to prepare the platform for a time when just about all content on it will be video. We are heading for an era when text, and photos to some extent, will be superseded by video. It’s going to become the default tool for public communications – now is the time to get