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Whether this is as a producer of high-end mobile phones or the local greengrocer selling quality product. However, businesses often come unstuck when they experience ‘mission creep’ and end up focusing on non-core activities or expanding into areas where they don’t have the requisite expertise. For example, how many fashion designers have come unstuck when they’ve branched out into a retail offering? In 2005, Ebay bought Skype for US$2.6 billion, only to offload it four years later for US$1.9 billion. Even now, it is hard to see where the logic was in taking a sales platform and adding a communications platform. However, that

There's been a mad rush of enrolments as Australians register to make sure their voices are heard in the upcoming plebiscite, CRM Officer Lauren Pow analyses what the data can tell us. To get an idea of how these people are likely to vote, we’ve broken down the numbers and found a few surprises. Copy: Counting on marriage equality Infogram

There is more to an impressive presentation than PowerPoint transitions, writes senior graphic designer Adam Elovalis. PowerPoint still seems to be the go-to platform for many businesses when creating presentations, pitch decks, even desktop publishing materials. The software was fantastic in its heyday. It was successful because its interface was simple to use, and it was relatively easy to create simple boardroom presentations. There also wasn’t much competition. But after almost 30 years as market leader, demand for more complex presentations has opened the door to other players: Keynote Advantages: Keynote is PowerPoint’s slick, younger brother. It has dynamic templates and themes and its interface