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LME Week launches in London on Monday, Associate Director Peter Klinger explains why it is arguably one of the best environments for base metals in many years. Zinc is on a tear, copper is turning around, cobalt is out of this world and nickel has begun to capture the attention of the battery materials investors. And lithium will attract lots of prominence during discussions at Monday’s LME Week Seminar, one of the week’s two headline events. (The other is the high-powered, invites-only LME Annual Dinner on Tuesday.) Monday’s all-day seminar, which is expected to attract at least 600 mining and investment community participants,

Using social media to promote your brand is a no-brainer these days, our CRM Officer Lauren Pow discusses the problem with thinking that means every tweet or post needs to be about themselves. We recommend the 80:20 principle as a cardinal rule for social media content marketing: 80% of what you post on your business accounts should be educational, entertaining and interesting to your audience. Only 20% should be directly promotional. One of the content solutions we’d recommend adopting in your 80% would be sharing the success of your clients. And while it might not seem obvious to promote someone else’s business above

Translation: how much cash a broker needs to hold in its account at any time. The necessity for core capital requirements has been around for a while and arises because when you execute a trade through your broker, they undertake the trade on your behalf and then the trade is settled between the broker and you a few days later. While brokers have had to hold a cash balance to execute these trades for quite a while now, the ASX has proposed changes based on the level of activity as well as the type of activity the broker undertakes. The new measures will

How do brands walk the line between supporting employees and diversity and not wandering into political fire? Ruth Callaghan looks at seven brands finding their feet in the marriage equality debate.   The postal survey on marriage equality is risky for everyone. For the community, it’s opened the door to being asked to vote on rights for one segment of the population. For the Federal Government, it has mobilised hundreds of thousands of cross-party voters into a single opposing voice. And for brands it’s posed a choice — do you ignore the vote and risk being seen as uncaring? Take one side and risk alienating

    The 2017-18 WA State Budget, our Associate Director Jamie Henderson tells you what you need to know. The landslide election victory in March and record State debt are the realities framing today’s State Budget. Treasurer Ben Wyatt delivered his budget to a packed Legislative Assembly this afternoon. The Budget starts the path to fiscal repair after the collapse in revenue from GST and mining royalties during the past few years. The Treasurer pointed to positive signs the WA economy is improving and forecast 3 per cent growth in Gross State Product in 2017/18, and a positive 1 per cent growth in Final State

It is the surest sign yet that the WA lithium boom is here to stay, Peter Klinger shares his insight into what estimates from the WA Government mean for the economy. By 2020-21, according to estimates released yesterday by the WA Government, lithium should be the State’s sixth largest source of royalty revenue.   Based on the forward estimates released by WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt as part of his Government’s maiden Budget, lithium royalties will deliver $34 million into State coffers within four years. Given that lithium royalty income in the year to June 30 was $15 million – most of it from the