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The trick for good communications is not finding a way to obscure the truth, Associate Director Charlie Wilson-Clarke observes but developing the fortitude to be prepared to share it. Why is the truth so hard to speak? Time and again, those of us in the communications game are accused of spinning, gilding the lily or sweeping things under the carpet – suggesting that if the message is negative, we don't dare say so. The problem with this approach is that it always gets someone in trouble. There's as much pain that comes with mishandling the truth as with a negative story itself. So the trick is

WA’s nickel miners have been held captive by a collapsed metal price for too long, says Investor Relations Associate Director Peter Klinger, and add that it was apt that Liam Twigger invoked the spirit of the Prisoner’s Dilemma this week when discussing the Kambalda nickel set. It’s just that Twigger, the managing director of PCF Capital and one of the sharper minds in the corporate arena, was referring to the miners themselves as causing this dilemma. In his opening remarks at Tuesday’s Paydirt Australian Nickel Conference, and before he introduced speakers Jim Lennon (Macquarie consultant), Eduard Haegel (Nickel West), Dan Lougher (Western Areas) and Peter Bradford (Independence Group), Twigger put an interesting spin on