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Is the story of your business a fairytale, an encyclopaedia or a cautionary tale? Ruth Callaghan looks at the signs it is time to dust off your corporate narrative. It sounds like the worst sort of marketing buzzphrase — a corporate narrative — but telling a compelling story to your customers and staff can make a real difference to your bottom line. Sure, you know what you do and you probably do it well, but how successful are you in sharing that story? If a junior staff member is put on the spot for a quick description at a barbecue are they left

Associate director Renee Wilkinson looks at how best to consult in an era of over-consultation. Any project — a new mine, a wider road, an additional bridge or a bigger hospital — has stakeholders who expect to be kept informed. Then there are those who want to be asked, those who would like to guide the process, and those who really want the power of veto. And on the flipside, many projects benefit from input from the people and organisations that have an interest in them. Community consultation is not necessarily difficult. Most communications professionals have done it a thousand times — information packs, community

Will 2018 be better than 2017? Even if 2017 was a corker, you’d be expecting that your management team will be saying ‘yes’. Continuing on the same path is not a strategy, in the same way that hope is not a strategy. Yet it is staggering how many companies don’t have a coherent strategy to communicate to their stakeholders. Sure, they might have a management team in place and a core business that is humming. However, many can’t articulate where they see their business going or what it will look like in one, three or five years’ time. Often the plans for creating value

It’s not an acronym that rolls off the tongue, but dramatic changes in data breach legislation mean knowing about OAIC — the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner — is vital for all Australian businesses, writes Jamie Wilkinson. If you’ve not heard of the OAIC before, you have a matter of weeks before it could become the most important four letter acronym in your world. The OAIC is the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. It is a government agency with three main roles: overseeing privacy issues, freedom of information functions and government information policy functions. And within that remit is a duty to

Growing corporate activism means mining businesses have to be better at telling their stories if they are to rebuild trust, writes Cannings Purple Managing Director Warrick Hazeldine.  Trust in the corporate voice is at all-time low on a global scale. As a professional communicator, I see it every day. I hear it all the time from clients — and from the audiences they are trying to reach. But don’t just take my word for it. At a recent event in Perth, political activist Sir Bob Geldof told the crowd that we live in a state of volatility, confusion and mistrust. “The

Artificial intelligence, video, stakeholder engagement and the need to build trust will all be key tools and tactics in professional communications in 2018.  Every day in communications brings a shiny new thing, but what are the trends that will shape your strategic conversations this year? We asked some of Cannings Purple’s business leaders to predict which communications tactics and trends will dominate in 2018.   Managing Director Warrick Hazeldine: Brands will go all out to build trust and confidence. “With confidence in the corporate voice at an all-time low, the key issue for businesses in 2018 will be how they build trust with

It’s that time of year when gym memberships soar and everyone drags out their lycra for a spin. But what about your social media profiles? Ruth Callaghan suggests some New Year resolutions for your LinkedIn. Is your professional profile looking a bit flabby? Is your CV four years out of date, your contact list in a stack of lacky-banded business cards and your staff photograph of a much younger, wilder you? Perhaps it is time to give your most important social profile a 2018 makeover. LinkedIn is the most important social media account most corporate workers own — but it is