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Finding the perfect agency match for your in-house communications team can mean the difference between having some extra arms and legs or a strategic and critical partner who is invested in your success. Caroline Thomson provides the checklist to find your perfect partners.   It seems quite simple on paper, but the relationship between an agency and an in-house team needs to be based on a strong foundation. Having spent many years as an embedded ‘quasi-team member’ in a large, in-house corporate communications team, I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of bringing together people who share common values and a joint sense of pride

Facebook’s woes have been well covered in recent months, not least here on The 268. The #deletefacebook movement might not have brought down the world’s largest social network (yet), but if you are looking for a different platform to share your digital self, our social and digital media expert Dennis McDougall has some options. WeChat WeChat is massive. Globally, it has more users than Instagram, but with most of them in Asia, it doesn’t get much love elsewhere in the world. 41% of China logs in to WeChat every day. It’s a multi-purpose messaging and social media app and includes features such as

It’s hard enough getting your team to turn out text, but the effort and time that goes into developing an infographic can leave you wondering if they are worth it. Yes, says Art Director Cameron Jones. They really are. Here’s why. Infographics is a word you’ll have started to hear (and see) a lot and there are good reasons why. With growing interest in data-driven insights, and the challenges of presenting large amounts of information in a digestible way, turning any large numbers into a visual feast is a good idea. In an infographic, information, illustrations and graphic design combine to communicate

How can Media Intelligence give you a jump on your competitors? We asked Sarah-Jane Dabarera what businesses need to know about monitoring their activity —  and that of others. Unless your company has been hiding under a rock, you will know there’s been a revolution in data in recent years. With regards to your organisation’s digital presence, information now exists on everything from instant analytics on your reach per tweet, to better alerts when your business gets a mention in the press. There is a wealth of information available which we call media intelligence. But data without analysis is just

Everyone talks about getting better data on your business — but accessing it, owning it and analysing it is only useful if the insights inform real actions. Cannings Purple’s Director of Digital and Design, Jamie Wilkinson, was asked by media intelligence leaders Meltwater to deliver an Asia-Pacific webinar on how data can transform business decisions, strategies and tactics. In this session, Jamie discusses how data intelligence helps ensure better advice and outcomes, more efficiency and productivity for staff, and in some cases, can transform the strategic direction of entire companies.   Read more from Jamie here.

Accidentally said something you will really, really regret? As Ray Jordan writes, you are rubbing shoulders with illustrious company. Nothing is set in stone, so goes the oft-quoted idiom. Things can change but often with great difficulty. However, it seems that when it comes to realpolitik, some things really are set in stone, no matter how much you would like to be able to change them. There is nothing tangible or physical about words. They are just words. Yet once uttered they are uttered for eternity, as permanent as the ancient pyramids. And, ill-conceived and poorly thought through, they can come back

From front bench to park bench, party rooms to the great outdoors, The Bench sees our politicians take a break from debating policy and the state of our nation to enjoy a park-side chat with senior journalist turned Cannings Purple operative, Peter Klinger. These interviews add a breath of fresh air to all things politics, providing a unique insight into the life and times of our elected representatives. With discussion topics ranging from electorate issues to sport and everything in between, The Bench undoubtedly presents a candid, lighthearted series bound to intrigue, inform and entertain. Podcast Early Life The Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA discusses

Western Australia’s leading strategic communications and public relations firm, Cannings Purple, recently celebrated the official opening of its new office in Brookfield Place, in the heart of Perth’s CBD. Image gallery     Video    The Honourable Kim Beazley AC addressed an impressive line-up of leaders from Perth’s business, mining, politics, education, media and community sectors and gave a thought-provoking opening address that shaped the evening’s conversation.  Guests enjoyed refreshments and conversation in the reception room of Brookfield Tower 2 before being shown through Cannings Purple’s first-floor office, including the new state-of-the-art digital content studio and crisis management suite. Cannings Purple clients can utilise the industry-leading studio

What’s in a name? For businesses, just about everything. Think of the difference between Twittr, the original social media site name, and Twitter, or TheFacebook and Facebook, or the gap in consumer recognition between shopping at Dayton Hudson Co. and Target. In fact, naming your brand, sub-brand or offshoot product is a serious business. This is even more significant when you want the newly-named creation to have a life of its own beyond the parent company, be easily findable on Google, or have its own web domain that sticks in the mind. But there are more than 3 million registered web addresses in Australia

Having worked both sides of the fence, Corporate Affairs Account Manager and lawyer Carina Tan-Van Baren explains how to navigate often contradictory advice when it comes to speaking to the media.   Your company is in crisis. You are investigating what went wrong and trying to fix it – assuming it can be fixed. In the meantime, your offices are besieged by worried clients and investors, regulators are demanding answers and the media smells blood. How do you respond? Ideally, the company will have a crisis response strategy in place that steps out a carefully considered plan of action, including what to say publicly and when. If