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I am very proud to have been honoured with the Curtin University Faculty of Business and Law Professional Achievement Award for 2018. I have always valued the knowledge I gathered at Curtin. Without it, the career I so much enjoy wouldn’t have happened. Every day on my way into campus I’d pass a sign that said “look ever forward” and those words still resonate for me today. I’m proud to be recognised within an alumni community of 230,000 graduates and because I am privileged to work with the very best communications people in Perth on a daily basis. Any success I have

In an environment in which one errant tweet can get you suspended from trading, rules around research reports have experienced significant change and  the validity of paid online media coverage is in the spotlight – the last thing a listed company wants to do is fall foul of ASX guidelines. That was the theme of a well-attended, engaging and at times spirited panel discussion at a joint event run by Cannings Purple and the ASX this week. Here are seven key takeaways from panellists James Rowe (ASX, WA State Manager), Eddie Rigg (Argonaut Securities Deputy Chairman) and Jamie Wilkinson (Cannings Purple, Director

Forget about a slump in profits and falling share prices – the biggest challenge Australia’s major banks and financial services companies will face soon is the one to win back the public’s trust. Banking Royal Commission head Kenneth Hayne’s interim report made crystal clear the damage to reputation wrought on Australia’s financial services sector when he bluntly talked of “dishonesty” and “greed” as the overarching themes to emerge from his commission’s hearings: “The banks have gone to the edge of what is permitted, and too often beyond that limit, in pursuit of profit. And they have gone beyond the limit because they

Royal commissions have long been agents for change and reform in this country: from the inquiry into conditions on the SS Dayton Grange way back in 1902 to the ongoing investigation into the banking, superannuation and financial services industries. In the months ahead, it will be the aged care sector’s turn in the spotlight and many operators will understandably be wrestling with how to respond. How best to communicate at a time of adversity will likely be high among their thoughts. Preparation is the heavy-lifting component of any communications strategy. If you expect your organisation to feature in some way in the royal

From searching for Che Guevara to making wheels for McLaren, with a quick detour in experimental pig farming, it's been a truly unique journey for The Greens WA Hon. Robin Chapple MLC to become the Member for the massive Mining and Pastoral Region. In our latest edition of The Bench, the ‘accidental politician’ tells Cannings Purple’s Peter Klinger about the twists and turns in a journey that took him from the marshlands of south-east England to the Australian outback. Unfiltered, unguarded and sometimes unconventional, The Bench shows WA’s politicians as you’ve never seen them before. Coming to Australia If not for an unlikely series

With AGM season fast approaching, the temptation is to concentrate on your big shareholders to try to avoid any nasty or embarrassing surprises. Are they happy? How are they going to vote? Is our remuneration structure appropriate? What are the curly questions they might ask? But to concentrate too much on the big fish - and trust us, they most certainly warrant attention - is to do a disservice to some of your most valued and supportive investors: the mum and dads (and uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters etc) who choose to spend their hard-earned on shares in your company. They may account

If you want a quick insight into the rising levels of interest and concern around “shareholder activism in Australia” then you need only Google that very phrase. By our count, 16 of the first 25 results involve professional services firms providing a glimpse into the phenomenon and promoting their ability to help prospective clients prepare for it. There is also an entry for an event that was hosted by the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre in April. Not surprisingly, it was marked as “sold out.” Shareholder activism is hardly a new thing – Isaac Le Maire might have coined it in the 1600s during

We’re excited to announce that we have expanded into Queensland, with experienced adviser Peta Baldwin appointed to lead our new practice. The opening of a Brisbane office will further boost our ability to service existing clients - several of which have operations in Queensland – and there are natural synergies between the West Australian and Queensland markets. “Many of our clients continue to grow in the Queensland market and we’re committed to supporting their growth,” Cannings Purple Managing Director Warrick Hazeldine said. “They will be in capable hands with Peta’s appointment. Peta brings strong investor relations expertise and well-developed insights into the wider