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Cannings Purple 2020 predictions

Our experts predict the biggest trends of 2020

As 2020 starts to hit full swing, a panel of Cannings Purple experts have looked into the crystal ball and forecast the trends they expect to see emerging this year.

It’s fair to say that in a “deep fake” era, where trust is a prized commodity and activism looms ever-present, businesses face significant challenges as they strive to engage with their immediate stakeholders and the wider community.

Click through the slider below to see what our experts predict is on the cards.

And if you’re wondering how we fared predicting 2019 – not too badly at all! Design and Digital Director Jamie Wilkinson tipped a cyber attack on Australian public infrastructure or utilities, a prediction that unfortunately played out in October, when rural hospitals in Victoria had to shut down their IT systems – and had to cancel surgeries and appointments – after a ransomware attack.

Meanwhile, Chief Innovation Officer Ruth Callaghan suggested 2019 could become the year of “guilt by association” as public figures had their historical online footprints raked over like never before. Right on cue, five Federal Election candidates quit in a week – based principally on their historical misuse of or misadventures on social media.

Slide simon corrigan 2020 predictions I think the trust conversation will go into overdrive in 2020 and beyond, with corporations increasingly realising they need to directly build trust with the community. Employees will have increasing expectations of their employers when it comes to social responsibility but they will also become increasingly important advocates for corporations that perform well. Slide Fran Lawrence 2020 predictions A real focus in property will be on planning and approvals – particularly the role played by WA’s local governments. There have been a number of cases where significant projects have been knocked back at JDAP Level, only to be approved by the State Administrative Tribunal or via direct State Government intervention. There’s significant frustration around these issues and need for more clarity. Fran Lawrence Slide Jamie Wilkinson 2020 predictions We should all be concerned about the increasing prevalence of deep fake content – videos, audio and images which are fake but indistinguishable from genuine footage. This is likely to feed into increasingly cynical and unpleasant political campaigns. Slide Peta Baldwin 2020 predictions I foresee increasing shareholder and climate change activism – aimed at disrupting the mining industry, putting pressure on politicians and potentially dividing the community. Slide Glenn Langridge 2020 predictions I envision creativity returning to the fore. While technology can be customised, it’s still creativity that breaks down walls, helps companies stand out and drives innovation. Expect to see extra investment in it during 2020. Slide Ruth Callaghan 2020 predictions Politicians like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage have already demonstrated the power of weaponised humiliation – the question in 2020 is whether brands will risk adopting the tactic? Look at the way football clubs carefully use negative, critical and even shaming language to make fans more tribal and you can see how brands might be tempted to follow suit. Slide Jennifer Kirk 2020 predictions Watch out for the Queensland 2020 election in October. Expect plenty of Federal commitments in the space and a lot of people jumping to get on the coal bandwagon, despite the ramp-up in climate advocacy impacting on politics. With WA’s next election date little more than year away, I think you can also expect to see a string of localised commitments coming out of the 2020 State and Federal Budgets. Slide Richard Harris 2020 predictions Massive decisions loom in WA on the Browse and Scarborough gas projects. What will be very interesting to watch is whether a domestic gas reservation policy is introduced nationally – Resources Minister Matt Canavan has been looking closely at the issue as the east coast continues to struggle. Slide peter klinger 2020 predictions There will be a breakaway group of leaders from the resources sector in WA who will find their voice in the global climate change debate, shift from the defensive to the offensive and highlight their sector’s important contribution to addressing climate change. This is not about talking up fossil fuels but about the resources and their use in clean energy technologies – think lithium, copper, iron ore, gold, nickel. Slide Charlie Wilson-Clark 2020 predictions Aboriginal business capacity building looms as a key discussion/point of interest for 2020. As the big construction contracts and other opportunities come online, there are exciting opportunities for corporates and the Aboriginal business sector to create partnerships with real social and economic dividends.”

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