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Can Your Annual Report Actually Be Worth A Read? Ray Jordan Thinks So – With The Right Care And Approach. An annual report is a lot of work, by a lot of people, who could be gainfully engaged elsewhere in the organisation, to produce a document that is read only by the CEO and the Chairman. At least, that's the argument you might be hearing internally. But a well-written and well-produced annual report can be a useful and valuable tool for your company that can contribute to an increase in sales and brand awareness, and support current shareholder retention while attracting new shareholders. It can

Annual reports are no longer the same beasts they were 10 years ago - Cameron Jones explores the evolution of this critical business document. The glory days of the annual report Once upon a time, back when Yahoo was something cowboys said and Gumtree simply meant a native Australian tree, Annual Reports were the centrepiece of every listed company’s arsenal. Sure it was still a compliance document, but companies would go to great lengths to make sure it was going to impress their shareholders. All kinds of wiz-bang papers, effects, graphics and photography were used to woo investors into reassuring them they had their money in