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I was running late. By the time the presentation was underway, the foyer was deserted so I was left to slink into the back of the auditorium where I lingered awkwardly at the bottom of the stands. After a few minutes hovering, I was urged to sit down so I did the climb of shame past more punctual audience members, finally finding a seat that was not too close and not too far from the next person in the rows. Personal space matters, after all. None of this sounds particularly unusual for an in-person event but what makes it novel is that I was

At Cannings Purple, we have the privilege of working on a range of stakeholder engagement projects, which gives us a unique insight into industry trends. And this year is shaping up to be the year of stakeholder research. More than any other year in recent memory, our clients in public service and industry are coming to us to conduct research projects to gain insight into stakeholder perceptions, and advice on how best to address results. While the research projects have varied significantly, there are key concepts that should be considered and planned for before embarking on a stakeholder research program. Who are the stakeholders

It might be hard to remember a time before emojis. Dubbed the ‘world’s fastest growing language,’ emojis have integrated themselves into our daily communication at rapid speed. Emojis, the term which combines the Japanese words for "picture" (e) and "character" (moji), have transformed the way we communicate digitally. As of mid-2015, half of all comments on Instagram featured an emoji, with the popularity of complementing words with small pictures continuing to rise. Midway through 2022, emojis are starting to be featured heavily in professional communications, raising questions around whether their use is appropriate. New emojis arrive every year and many have evolved to have

Successful stakeholder engagement can often be about determining, managing and balancing the wants and needs of a divergent range of individuals, families, community groups, small businesses, and large corporations. But there’s a key set of stakeholders that wield a strong sphere of influence over all of those groups but are sometimes forgotten – peak bodies. Your stakeholders Naturally, when you think about your key stakeholders, customers are first on your mind. And rightfully so. Their value is usually measurable through revenue targets and invoicing, and their satisfaction is integral to the success of any business. You regularly speak with them, hold discussions about them, deliver

Language can be a powerful tool; it is one of the remaining pieces of cultural importance Aboriginal people still hold close to their hearts. It is a great way for people to connect with traditional owners and is one of the more fascinating aspects of learning about the culture and history of the land we live on. Around the time of colonisation, there were more than 250 native speaking languages. That number has now dwindled to around 120 commonly spoken. Unfortunately, we lose more languages each year. It is important to remember there it is not one universal ‘Aboriginal language’, rather there are

For most companies, Christmas can feel like the final sprint to a well-deserved break. But don’t be fooled into thinking your communications can take a holiday over Christmas – clear and frequent communication over the break can lead to some jolly results in the new year.    We called upon a few of our experts to share their top tips and tricks for handling the lead up to the festive season, and to discuss how you and your team can maximise your engagement over the break.  Spreading Christmas C.H.E.E.R Digital Account Manager, Cameron Wong says the secret to successful Christmas content being clear in your messaging and communicating often with your audience.  “The Christmas period is all about spreading C.H.E.E.R – Clear messaging, Helpful

We are excited to announce the appointment of experienced corporate consultant Peter Kermode as an Account Manager, further strengthening our market-leading Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs capabilities. Peter joins a Cannings Purple Investor Relations and Capital Markets team that has advised on more than US$130 billion of M&A transactions over the past 12 years and which in 2018 ranked at the top of Business News’ prestigious PR table for a third year in a row. He brings considerable, relevant experience from previous in-house roles at BHP, Chevron and Woodside and with listed property group Mirvac. “Peter is a highly respected corporate adviser and has a wide

Meeting a minister is difficult. Leaving a meeting fully satisfied might sometimes seem impossible. But many of the reasons people get annoyed about ministerial meetings are the result of misunderstandings and misconceptions. Here are my top 10 reasons people get annoyed — and why they probably shouldn’t feel quite so put out. You don’t get a meeting at all, you may just get a letter or email response While everyone wants to meet the minister, a face-to-face meeting is often not required. It may be that in the view of the minister’s office, the issue you want to raise is easy to

So, you’ve signed up to Twitter and to your disappointment no one is reading your tweets or responding to your brilliant insights. It’s a common complaint for many Twitter users: if you’re not already famous, no one is listening to anything you say. So, to help you get a little more out of the platform here are some top tips to assist you with being heard. Use your real name If you want to build a professional network and for people to take you seriously, you need to use your real name. People are much more likely to trust you and what

Here are some simple and easy tips for optimising your existing brand or developing a new one. Don’t try to do everything in one logo There are many things I love to eat. I love a great, thin crust pizza with a simple range of ingredients. I also love big, fluffy waffles covered in chocolate ice-cream and one thing I can never go past is my mum’s pumpkin soup. However, just because I love all these individual foods doesn’t mean I can cram all the flavours together to make a super food. Indeed, quite the opposite. What I would end up

The trick for good communications is not finding a way to obscure the truth, Associate Director Charlie Wilson-Clarke observes but developing the fortitude to be prepared to share it. Why is the truth so hard to speak? Time and again, those of us in the communications game are accused of spinning, gilding the lily or sweeping things under the carpet – suggesting that if the message is negative, we don't dare say so. The problem with this approach is that it always gets someone in trouble. There's as much pain that comes with mishandling the truth as with a negative story itself. So the trick is

Christmas: the season of giving, of celebration, of peace and goodwill but as Director Fran Lawerence knows, in the corporate world this sometimes means, parties, panic and procrastination. For many businesses, this time of year falls into one of two categories – planning the Christmas party and shelving projects until the new year, or a frantic push to get everything done before Saint Nick arrives. While the former approach makes for a festive finish to the year, it can mean you’re setting yourself up for a painful and flat out start in January. The latter, on the other hand, is often akin to

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with TEDxPerth, a local non-profit organisation with a mission to promote ‘ideas worth spreading’. As many of you may know, the global TED brand is well recognised as one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations devoted to spreading ideas, whereas TEDx events signify independently organised TED events for local audiences. Organisers of TED and TEDx events around the world are passionate believers in the transformative power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world. TEDxPerth is in its fifth year of operation offering a TED-like experience, and providing a platform for a selection of local

Last night (31 May 2016), Cannings Purple’s work on the #heartofgold campaign was recognised at the COMM PRIX 2016 Awards in Toronto, Canada. We’ve said it many times, our priority is helping clients meet their strategic objectives rather than winning awards. But it’s always nice to receive recognition for a job well done. The #heartofgold campaign was a public awareness initiative on behalf of the Gold Royalties Response Group (GRRG). It highlighted the social and economic benefits of Western Australia’s gold miners, and successfully stopped an increase in the gold royalty which would have damaged the industry. COMM PRIX 2016 is a global

Cannings Purple has been awarded the winner of the Asia Pacific Excellence 'Association' Award for the #heartofgold campaign, Associate Director Caroline Thomson gives us a run-down of the award-winning campaign. The team at Cannings Purple coordinated a fully integrated campaign for the Gold Royalties Response Group, uniting Western Australian gold miners under the #heartofgold brand in their response to the State Government’s royalty review. Cannings Purple took out the award in the ‘Associations’ category, which recognises organisations that move an industry forward through its communication efforts. Managing director Warrick Hazeldine said the outstanding success of the campaign demonstrates the value of an integrated