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Art Director Cameron Jones took some time out to attend the Emergence Festival in Margaret River. It’s an event which attracts creative professionals from around the world, keen on exploring how to better make use of creativity in their work and lives. The organisers also used some of Cameron’s illustrations throughout the event, which are included below. What is Emergence? It’s a conference that really doesn't have too many comparisons. Sitting somewhere between a holiday, a marathon of TEDx talks, a festival and a wine tour, it is set among some of the most welcoming and picturesque wineries, breweries and cafés the Margaret River region has to offer. Each year the conference

Creativity is vital to the success of businesses, says Senior Graphic Designer Adam Elovalis, and it belongs to the many, not the few. It used to be true that creativity was confined to designers, copywriters, art directors and videographers. Businesses would hire a creative agency because they were creative and you were not. However, creativity is never siloed within the few, and has increasingly become acknowledged as vital to the success of businesses competing for clients in our new economy of innovation. Working in a creative field is no different from any other. It involves identifying challenges (in our case, visual communication problems) and solving them.  “Creatives”

Understanding how to work with designers is a valuable skill when creating communications collateral - Cameron Jones discusses how to get the most from your designer. Knowing how to get the most out of your creative team keeps things efficient and cost effective. Ultimately, communicating properly with your designers helps you get a better end product. Are you doing these five things when briefing your designer? 1.      Have a design brief Having a design brief is an important first step in communicating your ideas with your designer. A design brief is the blueprint that sets out what the project has to achieve, by which means,