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There are few more stressful experiences than standing before a packed media scrum. Karen Brown Cannings Purple's National Director explains why prior preparation is the key to a successful media engagement. Think – breathe. Think – breathe. Think – breathe. Listen to the question. Listen carefully. Speak slowly. Speak clearly. Speak in complete sentences. Don’t say anything stupid! Cameras rolling…… Hot lights glowing, assertive journalists firing questions. The stakes are high. Your answers are on the record and will be the subject of intense and immediate scrutiny. You have a limited time to deliver critical information or a clear message and your efforts will be judged by your

If you are operating publicly in 2017 it’s likely you will face at least one social media crisis, Ruth Callaghan a Cannings Purple Associate Director explores what you need to do to get prepared. And even before you know the crisis has happened, much of the damage can be done. Like an earthquake that threatens your building or a flood that undermines your foundations, the public opprobrium fuelled by social media — and the long-lasting implications — can be stunning. But it wasn’t always this way. Back in the 1990s, a group of researchers asked 1000 corporate leaders to name a potential crisis which worried them.