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Dependency on technology has resulted in an increased risk of cyber-attacks. Sarah-Jane Aston looks at the plans you need to have in place under the new mandatory reporting laws for when – not if – the attack comes.  The recent Wannacry global attack that affected at least 150 countries and more than 200,000 computers is an example of how much of an impact a data breach can have on business. It saw computers in organisations that ranged from hospitals to banks to corporates encrypted by a modern-day highway robbery tactic known as ransomware: Pay up in bitcoin or your data gets it. Beyond

Digital and Design Director Jamie Wilkinson discusses what we can learn from #censusfail, regardless of why the census site went down on the 9th August. 1. When trouble’s brewing engage, don’t dismiss. This has been a bubbling story for weeks, as various privacy-focused social media users raised concerns about the security of the system, implications of data matching, and risk of recording names and addresses for four years rather than 18 months. A week ago, news began filtering in about issues regarding the peculiar logic behind some of the online questions and there was growing anger in some communities regarding the requirements to