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We’ve all marvelled at the harmonious sounds of a symphony in full flight. It’s a joy to behold and an exercise in true teamwork. If you took each of the highly talented musicians from the orchestra into a room and asked them to play something, I’m betting the end result would still sound pretty good. But if you then placed them back together and got them to each play their favourite individual songs, what you’d have wouldn’t be a symphony… it would be a cacophony. The results would be disastrous. It’s worth thinking about social media the same way. In the same way that

Is your content clever or cocky? Lauren Pow explains how you can tell if your content is cutting through. Content has held the coveted top-spot in digital marketing for several years, with businesses harnessing the power of credible, on-target articles, videos and posts to reach buyers where spend most of their time: online. Whether it be in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics or social media visuals, content was utilised by around 90 per cent of businesses last year with the goal of encouraging engagement, improving SEO, generating new leads and raising awareness of products and services. But as businesses invest more in

There's been a mad rush of enrolments as Australians register to make sure their voices are heard in the upcoming plebiscite, CRM Officer Lauren Pow analyses what the data can tell us. To get an idea of how these people are likely to vote, we’ve broken down the numbers and found a few surprises. Copy: Counting on marriage equality Infogram