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It’s been a good year to be purple. Heck, it was even officially named the colour of the year. Sure the Pantone colour of the year is technically Ultra Violet, but in the light of our own branding, we are happy to claim it (and assume our competitors are green with envy). The last time we got so excited was back in 1999, when Pantone nominated Cerulean as “colour of the millennium”, with the optimistic hope that it would herald a new age in which “consumers will be seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfillment”. According to Pantone, Ultra Violet (also known as Pantone 18-3838) is

Here are some simple and easy tips for optimising your existing brand or developing a new one. Don’t try to do everything in one logo There are many things I love to eat. I love a great, thin crust pizza with a simple range of ingredients. I also love big, fluffy waffles covered in chocolate ice-cream and one thing I can never go past is my mum’s pumpkin soup. However, just because I love all these individual foods doesn’t mean I can cram all the flavours together to make a super food. Indeed, quite the opposite. What I would end up

Trade shows are invariably a confusing bustle of people and exhibitors jostling for attention. Signs, raffles, giveaways, speakers, you name it. So, how do you make sure your stand doesn’t go unnoticed and your staff don’t spend the show being ignored and eating your own branded mints?   1. Be Strategic The first step is to be strategic. Prepare to promote one or two key aspects of your business, be it a new product or service. Your exhibit should be designed to market these aspects in a way that differentiates you from your competitors.   2. Keep it Simple Remember, the delegates may be

What’s in a name? For businesses, just about everything. Think of the difference between Twittr, the original social media site name, and Twitter, or TheFacebook and Facebook, or the gap in consumer recognition between shopping at Dayton Hudson Co. and Target. In fact, naming your brand, sub-brand or offshoot product is a serious business. This is even more significant when you want the newly-named creation to have a life of its own beyond the parent company, be easily findable on Google, or have its own web domain that sticks in the mind. But there are more than 3 million registered web addresses in Australia

Bad user experience can be as costly as bad customer experience — just ask Designer Adam Elovalis, whose patience was tried by an insurance website. Maybe it’s just that life is too busy for delays. Maybe it’s my millennial nature, or that my life is all about design. Whatever the reason, I know I’m not alone in bad user experience being the reason behind abandoning business or consumer relationships. Here’s my story. I had been a policy-holder for several years with an insurance company, paying my monthly bills, and using their card to claim benefits without an issue. Sure, finding out I wasn’t

It’s time to sharpen up your images, writes Danika Ferguson. A picture is worth a thousand words. Why? Firstly, because it conveys emotion, which inevitably takes many words to express. It can snapshot an event. It can reflect a sunlit moment in time. It’s because research shows our brains are able to remember pictures far better than written text. In fact, we can remember more than 2,000 images with 90% accuracy. And it is because people rarely have time to read 1000 words when one image will do the trick.   We’re inherently visual creatures and that’s why you should be using visual content for your business. Whether to

Art Director Cameron Jones took some time out to attend the Emergence Festival in Margaret River. It’s an event which attracts creative professionals from around the world, keen on exploring how to better make use of creativity in their work and lives. The organisers also used some of Cameron’s illustrations throughout the event, which are included below. What is Emergence? It’s a conference that really doesn't have too many comparisons. Sitting somewhere between a holiday, a marathon of TEDx talks, a festival and a wine tour, it is set among some of the most welcoming and picturesque wineries, breweries and cafés the Margaret River region has to offer. Each year the conference

User experience is not just a design consideration – it can be the measure of your success, writes Cannings Purple Senior Graphic Designer Adam Elovalis. We live in a world in which even the smallest tweak to a user interface, from Apple’s new design for its Music app, to the way a brand communicates on social media, can create millions of online shares and virtual column inches. User experience (UX) done well can create reputational kudos. Done badly, it can frustrate and anger your customers and clients. What is User Experience? User experience is any method by which a customer or prospective customer interacts with your

Creativity is vital to the success of businesses, says Senior Graphic Designer Adam Elovalis, and it belongs to the many, not the few. It used to be true that creativity was confined to designers, copywriters, art directors and videographers. Businesses would hire a creative agency because they were creative and you were not. However, creativity is never siloed within the few, and has increasingly become acknowledged as vital to the success of businesses competing for clients in our new economy of innovation. Working in a creative field is no different from any other. It involves identifying challenges (in our case, visual communication problems) and solving them.  “Creatives”

User experience is about being curious, asking a lot of questions and challenging assumptions. Senior Designer Adam Elovalis says asking yourself these 5 things will help you identify how better to improve your user experience. 1. Have I Got Quantitative Data To Backup And Challenge Assumptions? This is absolutely crucial. To avoid making incorrect assumptions, real data is needed to detail how people use your site. Services like Google Analytics are very useful in tracking the behaviours of your users and finding key demographics. It’s also a good idea to have social media monitoring to track mentions of your brand; hard evidence can

Annual reports are no longer the same beasts they were 10 years ago - Cameron Jones explores the evolution of this critical business document. The glory days of the annual report Once upon a time, back when Yahoo was something cowboys said and Gumtree simply meant a native Australian tree, Annual Reports were the centrepiece of every listed company’s arsenal. Sure it was still a compliance document, but companies would go to great lengths to make sure it was going to impress their shareholders. All kinds of wiz-bang papers, effects, graphics and photography were used to woo investors into reassuring them they had their money in

Understanding how to work with designers is a valuable skill when creating communications collateral - Cameron Jones discusses how to get the most from your designer. Knowing how to get the most out of your creative team keeps things efficient and cost effective. Ultimately, communicating properly with your designers helps you get a better end product. Are you doing these five things when briefing your designer? 1.      Have a design brief Having a design brief is an important first step in communicating your ideas with your designer. A design brief is the blueprint that sets out what the project has to achieve, by which means,

Following our recent examination of Labor’s party branding, this week it is the turn of the Liberal Party of Australia. Jamie Wilkinson considers how the Liberals present themselves to the world in terms of branding and messaging. Cannings Purple Director of Design and Digital Jamie Wilkinson is a former BBC broadcaster and an expert in digital and social media content and management. Email Jamie.

Over the coming weeks, we will be investigating how political branding has changed over the last five decades for the major political parties. Jamie Wilkinson starts with a look at The Australian Labor Party. Click play to watch the full video below.  Cannings Purple Director of Design and Digital Jamie Wilkinson is a former BBC broadcaster and an expert in digital and social media content and management. Email Jamie.

It’s that time of year again when Diggers & Dealers is just on the horizon, so Art Director Cameron Jones has put together of a helpful checklist to ensure you're prepared.   Time to begin scratching your head and working out what needs to be created to make your company’s mark at the big event. Do you do something similar to last year? Do you just update the numbers and the maps? Order some new pens? Or do you try something different? Your booth For any exhibitor, the booth is the lynchpin of your marketing strategy at Diggers & Dealers. It’s the physical address for