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No one would have believed that the COVID-19-induced ASX nosedive of 2020 would transform into a precedent-breaking bull run. Record low interest rates, coupled with massive stimulus spending, saw many enter the financial markets for the first time. It also saw the ASX’s regulatory body, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), undertake an ambitious structural shift – the true to label project – to protect the emerging classes of investors and demand that ‘the product must do what it says on the tin’. Here are five issues that caught our eye — and why they matter to ASX-listed companies and

We are excited to announce the appointment of experienced corporate consultant Peter Kermode as an Account Manager, further strengthening our market-leading Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs capabilities. Peter joins a Cannings Purple Investor Relations and Capital Markets team that has advised on more than US$130 billion of M&A transactions over the past 12 years and which in 2018 ranked at the top of Business News’ prestigious PR table for a third year in a row. He brings considerable, relevant experience from previous in-house roles at BHP, Chevron and Woodside and with listed property group Mirvac. “Peter is a highly respected corporate adviser and has a wide

Cannings Purple, has topped Business News’ prestigious PR table for mergers and acquisitions for a third year in a row – confirming our status as WA’s leading investor and capital markets advisory group and as the consultancy-of-choice for deal-makers. Managing Director Warrick Hazeldine says the outcome is testament to the quality of clients and advisory firms we work with, with Mineral Resources and Doray Minerals among our M&A clients last year. Cannings Purple advised on 17 M&A transactions in 2018, with a combined value of $5.5 billion, taking our total for the past three years beyond the $10 billion-mark. Among the major deals

With the recent budget update in Queensland and large projects such as Adani’s Carmichael Coal mine poised to start, it’s timely to take stock of the importance of the resources industry to the state. According to Queensland Resources Council (QRC) industry data, gathered from its full-member companies (those who are in production), one in every eight jobs and one in every $5 spent in Queensland is directly related to the mining and resources industry.  The QRC estimates the industry supports some 14,200 businesses and direct expenditure data indicates the contribution of mining and resources companies to the Queensland economy in 2017/2018

In 1908, Henry Ford revolutionised the car industry with the implementation of the production line for the Model T Ford. The process of mechanisation lowered costs and sped up production, allowing the car to go mainstream and replace the horse and cart. The advent of the personal computer and its evolution over time has allowed significant increases in data flow and streamlining of work processes. While this initially led to a loss of some jobs in areas such as typing pools, this was more than offset by an increase in the number of more productive jobs as well as increased productivity

Will 2018 be better than 2017? Even if 2017 was a corker, you’d be expecting that your management team will be saying ‘yes’. Continuing on the same path is not a strategy, in the same way that hope is not a strategy. Yet it is staggering how many companies don’t have a coherent strategy to communicate to their stakeholders. Sure, they might have a management team in place and a core business that is humming. However, many can’t articulate where they see their business going or what it will look like in one, three or five years’ time. Often the plans for creating value

Cannings Purple has wrapped up a busy 2017 with foundations in place for another solid year ahead, content in the knowledge that many clients saw sizeable gains in their market value. Cannings Purple’s IR clients recorded an average market capitalisation gain of 69 per cent over the 12 months to December 20, with some of companies more than doubling or trebling their value during the year. Over the course of 2017 we have completed $1.1bn in deals and a have strong pipeline for 2018. One of our top performers for the year was Australian Mines (ASX: AUZ), which in November cashed in on

WA’s nickel miners have been held captive by a collapsed metal price for too long, says Investor Relations Associate Director Peter Klinger, and add that it was apt that Liam Twigger invoked the spirit of the Prisoner’s Dilemma this week when discussing the Kambalda nickel set. It’s just that Twigger, the managing director of PCF Capital and one of the sharper minds in the corporate arena, was referring to the miners themselves as causing this dilemma. In his opening remarks at Tuesday’s Paydirt Australian Nickel Conference, and before he introduced speakers Jim Lennon (Macquarie consultant), Eduard Haegel (Nickel West), Dan Lougher (Western Areas) and Peter Bradford (Independence Group), Twigger put an interesting spin on

LME Week launches in London on Monday, Associate Director Peter Klinger explains why it is arguably one of the best environments for base metals in many years. Zinc is on a tear, copper is turning around, cobalt is out of this world and nickel has begun to capture the attention of the battery materials investors. And lithium will attract lots of prominence during discussions at Monday’s LME Week Seminar, one of the week’s two headline events. (The other is the high-powered, invites-only LME Annual Dinner on Tuesday.) Monday’s all-day seminar, which is expected to attract at least 600 mining and investment community participants,

Translation: how much cash a broker needs to hold in its account at any time. The necessity for core capital requirements has been around for a while and arises because when you execute a trade through your broker, they undertake the trade on your behalf and then the trade is settled between the broker and you a few days later. While brokers have had to hold a cash balance to execute these trades for quite a while now, the ASX has proposed changes based on the level of activity as well as the type of activity the broker undertakes. The new measures will

It is the surest sign yet that the WA lithium boom is here to stay, Peter Klinger shares his insight into what estimates from the WA Government mean for the economy. By 2020-21, according to estimates released yesterday by the WA Government, lithium should be the State’s sixth largest source of royalty revenue.   Based on the forward estimates released by WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt as part of his Government’s maiden Budget, lithium royalties will deliver $34 million into State coffers within four years. Given that lithium royalty income in the year to June 30 was $15 million – most of it from the

Whether this is as a producer of high-end mobile phones or the local greengrocer selling quality product. However, businesses often come unstuck when they experience ‘mission creep’ and end up focusing on non-core activities or expanding into areas where they don’t have the requisite expertise. For example, how many fashion designers have come unstuck when they’ve branched out into a retail offering? In 2005, Ebay bought Skype for US$2.6 billion, only to offload it four years later for US$1.9 billion. Even now, it is hard to see where the logic was in taking a sales platform and adding a communications platform. However, that

Pick a topic, develop a few slides, rehearse a few times and it’ll be fine, right? While you might get the message across and it might even seem interesting, are you really getting full value from this exposure? If you’ve had to pay for the privilege of speaking, you want to ensure that you have squeezed every ounce of exposure out of the experience. Here are 6 TIPS to ensure that you work the room to its full potential. 1. First of all, make sure your presentation is up to scratch – With all of the tools available within products such as Powerpoint and Prezi, it

What impact does the natural environment have on mining investment decisions? Judging by the reception to miners and explorers at the 121 Mining Investment conference this week in Cape Town, a natural environment of warm weather and beautiful views is extremely favourable to the sector. With 63 companies signed up for effectively a reverse roadshow to more than 250 investors and fund managers, the 121 conference provides an efficient way for meeting investors and getting deals done. For UK fund managers, brokers and analysts, it also provides a way of escaping the bleak weather at home. And this year, deals are definitely being

As we look at some of the emerging trends for the coming year, it’s fair to say that we have a healthy amount of scepticism regarding the old crystal ball at present – particularly given that it, along with just about every other commentator, failed to predict a Donald Trump presidency. Assuming the crystal ball is actually okay (or that the election was rigged??), let’s have a look at what the smart forecasters are looking out for in calendar year 2017. The Fortune magazine, acknowledging the Trump prediction issue, gave caution to its forecasts, with a mixed view for the year ahead. It

Regardless of the industry you work or invest in, there are always a number of investor conferences throughout the year where you can get the latest information and network to your heart’s content, Cannings Purple Director Andre Rowell discusses how to choose the one for you. For some industries like mining, the sheer number of conferences is huge and offers a conundrum – which ones to attend and which ones to forgo. For both corporates and investors alike, the opportunity for one key presentation or meeting may change your fortunes. Many a company and investor can relate to the one chance opportunity

This pearl of wisdom from Warren Buffett, uttered in reference to the fact that share prices often don’t reflect the underlying value of a company. However, for company boards, the concept should be front and centre in all strategic plans and decisions. It is no good running around the broking houses crying that you are undervalued compared to your peers. In reality, there are probably a few good reasons as to why your company is undervalued and they’re probably close to home. It could be as simple as your product offering - whether it be a gold prospect in the middle of

It’s that time of year again when Diggers & Dealers is just on the horizon, so Art Director Cameron Jones has put together of a helpful checklist to ensure you're prepared.   Time to begin scratching your head and working out what needs to be created to make your company’s mark at the big event. Do you do something similar to last year? Do you just update the numbers and the maps? Order some new pens? Or do you try something different? Your booth For any exhibitor, the booth is the lynchpin of your marketing strategy at Diggers & Dealers. It’s the physical address for

Although long the runner-up to Africa in terms of attracting foreign investment from Australian resources companies, Associate Director Michael Cairnduff explores how some of the more favourable jurisdictions in Latin America are now coming to the fore. Delegates at the recent Latin America Downunder Conference in Perth were treated to the best snapshot of the building opportunity that exists on that diverse continent, in both the established resources destinations of Chile and Argentina and, perhaps more excitingly, some less explored countries like the Caribbean. The Australian Government has historically had strong representation in the region and has frameworks in place to support