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There are few more stressful experiences than standing before a packed media scrum. Karen Brown Cannings Purple's National Director explains why prior preparation is the key to a successful media engagement. Think – breathe. Think – breathe. Think – breathe. Listen to the question. Listen carefully. Speak slowly. Speak clearly. Speak in complete sentences. Don’t say anything stupid! Cameras rolling…… Hot lights glowing, assertive journalists firing questions. The stakes are high. Your answers are on the record and will be the subject of intense and immediate scrutiny. You have a limited time to deliver critical information or a clear message and your efforts will be judged by your

It’s not an acronym that rolls off the tongue, but dramatic changes in data breach legislation mean knowing about OAIC — the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner — is vital for all Australian businesses, writes Jamie Wilkinson. If you’ve not heard of the OAIC before, you have a matter of weeks before it could become the most important four letter acronym in your world. The OAIC is the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. It is a government agency with three main roles: overseeing privacy issues, freedom of information functions and government information policy functions. And within that remit is a duty to

Digital and Design Director Jamie Wilkinson discusses what we can learn from #censusfail, regardless of why the census site went down on the 9th August. 1. When trouble’s brewing engage, don’t dismiss. This has been a bubbling story for weeks, as various privacy-focused social media users raised concerns about the security of the system, implications of data matching, and risk of recording names and addresses for four years rather than 18 months. A week ago, news began filtering in about issues regarding the peculiar logic behind some of the online questions and there was growing anger in some communities regarding the requirements to