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I was running late. By the time the presentation was underway, the foyer was deserted so I was left to slink into the back of the auditorium where I lingered awkwardly at the bottom of the stands. After a few minutes hovering, I was urged to sit down so I did the climb of shame past more punctual audience members, finally finding a seat that was not too close and not too far from the next person in the rows. Personal space matters, after all. None of this sounds particularly unusual for an in-person event but what makes it novel is that I was

Amid the gloom of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the exclusive front page splash on the state’s Sunday paper earlier this month about a potential royal visit raised some excitement, and eyebrows. It revealed an apparent last-minute attempt by Premier Mark McGowan to lure ‘Wills & Kate’ to Perth, or Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, for the International Festival of Football at which the Duke’s beloved Aston Villa is set to take on Manchester United. But, as a seasoned royal watcher noted with scepticism, they don't travel on a whim. Royal visits are traditionally planned over a number of months to

Language can be a powerful tool; it is one of the remaining pieces of cultural importance Aboriginal people still hold close to their hearts. It is a great way for people to connect with traditional owners and is one of the more fascinating aspects of learning about the culture and history of the land we live on. Around the time of colonisation, there were more than 250 native speaking languages. That number has now dwindled to around 120 commonly spoken. Unfortunately, we lose more languages each year. It is important to remember there it is not one universal ‘Aboriginal language’, rather there are

What’s the difference between public relations and advertising? I get asked this a lot, even by people in each respective field, and I’ve eventually settled on an answer that doesn’t cause eyes to glaze over and induce mild migraines. In a very simple way it is this: PR companies earn attention whereas advertising companies buy it. Saying “buy it” might be a little simplistic. People build entire careers analysing budgets and carefully crafting media spends to get specific message in front of specific target audiences. That’s not to say PR is free. In PR there are countless ways to earn attention – events, articles,

Last night (31 May 2016), Cannings Purple’s work on the #heartofgold campaign was recognised at the COMM PRIX 2016 Awards in Toronto, Canada. We’ve said it many times, our priority is helping clients meet their strategic objectives rather than winning awards. But it’s always nice to receive recognition for a job well done. The #heartofgold campaign was a public awareness initiative on behalf of the Gold Royalties Response Group (GRRG). It highlighted the social and economic benefits of Western Australia’s gold miners, and successfully stopped an increase in the gold royalty which would have damaged the industry. COMM PRIX 2016 is a global

Cannings Purple has been awarded the winner of the Asia Pacific Excellence 'Association' Award for the #heartofgold campaign, Associate Director Caroline Thomson gives us a run-down of the award-winning campaign. The team at Cannings Purple coordinated a fully integrated campaign for the Gold Royalties Response Group, uniting Western Australian gold miners under the #heartofgold brand in their response to the State Government’s royalty review. Cannings Purple took out the award in the ‘Associations’ category, which recognises organisations that move an industry forward through its communication efforts. Managing director Warrick Hazeldine said the outstanding success of the campaign demonstrates the value of an integrated