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There is more to an impressive presentation than PowerPoint transitions, writes Art Director, Adam Elovalis. PowerPoint still seems to be the go-to platform for many businesses when creating presentations, pitch decks, even desktop publishing materials. The software was fantastic in its heyday. It was successful because its interface was simple to use, and it was relatively easy to create simple boardroom presentations. There also wasn’t much competition. But after almost 30 years as market leader, demand for more complex presentations has opened the door to other players: Keynote Advantages: Keynote is PowerPoint’s slick, younger brother. It has dynamic templates and themes and its interface is

Director of Design and Digital, Jamie Wilkinson considers 4 reasons professional services businesses should be using video.     1. The statistics. Cisco (the IT and networking company) estimate that 80% of the internet will be video by 2020. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has said his challenge in the coming 5 years is to prepare the platform for a time when just about all content on it will be video. We are heading for an era when text, and photos to some extent, will be superseded by video. It’s going to become the default tool for public communications – now is the time to get