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The 268 Podcast: What is the Google Display Network? (And why you need it.)

Chances are you use Google each day.

But did you know it has an advertising platform that’s worth $100 billion each year? And that you can use the platform for your business?

In the latest episode of The 268 Podcast, host Morgan Ballantyne is joined by Cannings Purple’s Head of Digital Glenn Langridge and corporate affairs expert Ray Jordan for an in-depth discussion about the Google Display Network and why businesses should be exploring how they can best make use of it.

Glenn offers valuable insight into how businesses can target audiences on the GDN, the budget advertisers need to allocate, and what new developments might be in store for the platform.

“The Google Display Network appears on more than two million websites, so it offers enormous potential to reach your audience wherever they might be on the web,” Glenn explains.

“People love the idea of being able to buy a piece of this valuable online real estate that at times even allows them to advertise on a competitor’s website.”

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Track listing:

0.45 – what is the Google Display Network?
1.40 – what are remarketing pixels?
2.50 – the targeting metrics of the GDN
3.45 – where can my GDN ads appear?
5.40 – the GDN and awareness-building
7.18 – what budget should I allocate?
8.14 – what’s next for the GDN?

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