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Why businesses need websites

The 268 Podcast: why do I really need a website?

Whether you’re selling flowers, extracting minerals from the ground or providing professional services – it’s generally agreed that you’re dead in the water unless you can offer customers, clients and other stakeholders a website that is easy to find and use.

But the road to building a web presence can be far more complicated than you might think.

In the second episode of The 268 Podcast, Cannings Purple’s Head of Digital Glenn Langdridge joins host Morgan Ballantyne and Account Manager Ray Jordan to talk websites –  how much they should cost, the best platforms to use and the reasons why your business really needs to get digital.

“A website is the one thing you own, at the end of the day,” Glenn says.

“You can build a Facebook page and an Instagram following but if those platforms change their rules or close down, then it’s gone.

“To have a website is to have your own space in the digital world.”

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Episode listing:

1.08 – “It’s at the heart of everything you do.”
2.32 – “I use websites as a research tool.”
3.30 – Consistent messaging
4.12 – You can spend $500…or $50,000
4.53 – The need for speed!
6.04 – What’s available off-the-shelf?
7.52 – The dangers of going off-the-shelf
9.41 – Managing risks
10.25 – “Is having a bad website worse than not having one at all?”
11.47  – The importance of knowledge and trust…and SEO!
12.56 – How long does it take to get it right?
14.03 – Front end, back end and the joy of WordPress
15.43 – Leaving it to the experts
16.55 – The final word

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