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The Bench: Hon. Sue Ellery MLC

From front bench to park bench, party rooms to the great outdoors, The Bench sees our politicians take a break from debating policy and the state of our nation to enjoy a park-side chat with Cannings Purple’s director of media strategy, Peter Klinger.

These interviews add a breath of fresh air to all things politics, providing a unique insight into the life and times of our elected representatives.

With discussion topics ranging from electorate issues to sport and everything in between, The Bench presents a candid, light-hearted series bound to inform, engage and entertain.


How Politics Has Changed

From laptops in the chamber to the 24-hour news cycle, politics has changed significantly – for better or worse – since the Hon. Sue Ellery MLC joined parliament in 2001.

Life in Parliament

A lot of people think that politicians have it easy, but when the Hon. Sue Ellery MLC explains a standard day for a State Minister (especially when Parliament is sitting) you might change your mind.

Women in Parliament

Carrot or the stick? How do we encourage more women into Parliament? The Hon. Sue Ellery MLC offers some insights into how to make Parliament more representative and family friendly.

Word Association

The Hon. Sue Ellery MLC faces off in our now (in)famous word association challenge.

Early Life

The Hon. Sue Ellery MLC started handing out how-to-vote cards at age 7, but not for the political party you’d think. Hear some insights into her early life with Cannings Purple’s Peter Klinger

Full Interview

In a wide-ranging interview, The Hon. Sue Ellery MLC discusses life in Parliament, how we encourage a more representative elected body, the factors that drove her into politics and her love of crime fiction.