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Investor announcement contact details

Why it’s critical to have a contact(able) person on your announcements

We might live in an increasingly digital world when it comes to communications but sometimes the most important touch is still the human one.

Consider the case of your company announcements and the age-old practice of including someone’s contact details. It might seem positively analogue compared to some of the things you are doing but it’s a vital component of any announcement.

The most basic reason for including a contact point is to give media or brokers the opportunity to follow up on your story.

If you have important news that you’d like to share with investors and others, surely it’s in your best interests to include details that can help your story spread further?

Putting a ‘face’ to your business via contact details gives you and your company a sense of approachability. You’re not just a business but an organisation of people, waiting for someone to give you a ring or drop you an email. Not only are you willing to take their call, you would welcome it!

In a world where people are increasingly wary of ‘faceless’ corporations, a contact point also helps encourage a perception that your announcement is trustworthy and that you have nothing to hide.

One other thing: please make sure your nominated contact person is actually able to be contacted.

Having someone who won’t answer calls, return messages or reply to emails can actually be worse than not having anyone listed at all!

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